In the Market for a New USB Type-C Hub? Be Careful What You Buy!

In the Market for a New USB Type-C Hub? Be Careful What You Buy!

As the USB Type-C standard rolls out to more and more products, it's only inevitable that USB Type-C hubs and adapters have become must-have devices for anyone with a USB C device. Many people select accessories purely based on price, thinking that all brands are created equal. This could not be further from the truth!

We recommend that customers invest time in researching the products and brands they are buying to complement their expensive USB Type-C devices (like the MacBook Pro, Galaxy S9, Nintendo Switch, new Dell XPS, etc). A poorly made adapter or hub can easily damage your device permanently. If you've spent thousands of dollars on a brand new MacBook Pro, a high-quality adapter or hub will ensure that you don't damage the internal circuitry of your laptop. 

All BitLoop products are rigorously tested and certified by an independent third-party inspection agency which tests our products for any faults- external or internal - before they are shipped to us from our factory. BitLoop products are tested using state of the art equipment in order to ensure that all voltage and current specifications are met - buy confidently knowing your products are safe!

BitLoop 4 Port USB Charger being tested




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